Well, after 21 years at 1408 Bascomb, we decided it was time for a new roof. Ours was still okay but faded, discolored, growing moss, and, generally, looking old.

Having been burnt in the past by the lowest bidder for other projects, we set out on the quest for service, quality, and a fair price. We looked at rubber, metal, tile, and asphalt. First deciding on metal and then, being shocked into reality by the varied installation processes and prices, we went back to the old standby asphalt shingles.

Thankfully, we were referred to Spilman Inc. by a local home appraiser who had just reroofed his personal home. We called Chris Spilman and made an appointment for an estimate. Hazah, he showed up on time and listened to our needs (two qualities we personally hold high) and was comfortable when answering our questions and concerns.

His quote was a detailed price sheet, which included gutters, downspouts, and leaf guards. The only variable (to the price) was choice of material and any repairs or replacements he might encounter to the existing structure (of which there were none).
Chris’s Hispanic crew has been with him for nine years and they were, as promised, EXCELLENT. It rained several times during the reroof process and the crew never left anything open. They worked as many hours as it took, including early evenings and weekends, to make up for rain delays. Daily, they policed the entire area for nails and debris, swept and blew the walks and drive, and, at all times, showed my family every courtesy.

We highly recommend Chris and Becky Spilman of Spilman Inc. and everyone that works for and with them. If you are considering replacing your roof, please give them a call at 510-0280 or e-mail JSpilman@nc.rr.com Tell them that the Rossi’s sent you. Or if you prefer, call me direct at 846-6333 or e-mail Speak2Me@RossiSpeaks.com.—Rossi, Certified e-PRO Trainer, ROSSI Speaks, Inc.

Rossi Speaks
Spilman Inc. recently designed and built an addition on our home…that, because of the well thought out planning and design, looked as if it had ALWAYS been there, it’s seamless!! We were amazed at the craftmanship!! Chris, also put on an entire roof and a deck and pergola on a cottage for us, also…just divine!!… We loved our property prior to Spilman’s work, we now love it more than ever!! We rate Spilman Inc. with a 5-star rating. Feel free to call for a reference, we would be more than happy to oblige.—Peter and Nancy Hart, Wake Forest

Chris and Becky have been a go-to contractor for our company. We have personally worked with them for 12 years and consistently have seen high standards, up to date with market information which has helped us hold ourselves to higher standard as well.

At least once a month, we call Chris with a question of how to look at a project and always refer him on projects outside our scope of work. I feel 100% comfortable referring Chris to all my friends, family and Church family and have had them come back and tell me how much a breath of fresh air Chris and his better half is :-)

I’ve seen them install siding, roofs of all kinds, gutters, build amazing decks, additions and garages as well as new homes, in all towns in the Triangle, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Garner, Hillsborough, Morrisville and I’m sure he’s worked in many more outside my knowledge. Don’t hesitate and don’t look back—Call Spilman Inc.

Nancy and Peter Hart